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Six AI Prompting Strategies

Six (6) prompting strategies for training AI models Write Clear Instructions These models can't read your mind. If outputs are too long, ask for brief replies. If outputs are too simple, ask for expert-level writing. If you dislike the format, demonstrate the format you'd like to see. The less the model has to guess at what you want, the more likely you'll get it. Include details in your query to get more relevant answers. Ask the model to adopt a persona. Use delimiters to clearly indicate distinct parts of the input. Specify the steps required to complete a task. Provide examples. Specify the length of the output. Provide Reference Text Language models can confidently invent fake answers, especially when asked about esoteric topics or for citations and URLs. In the same way that a sheet of notes can help a student do better on a test, providing reference text to these models can help in answering with fewer fabrications. Instruct the model to answer using a reference text

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